GIMCO U.S.A. works with its clients as a team to ensure that the project runs smoothly. From assisting in the initial bidding process to setting up and maintaining the necessary infrastructure for a project in the third world, GIMCO U.S.A.’s experienced staff take pride in exceptional professionalism and understanding. Not only a procurement agent, GIMCO U.S.A. also researches and advises on products. GIMCO U.S.A. is a creative, innovative, flexible, and dependable part of the project team.

MAINTENANCE of projects in the third world is an exceptionally challenging task in which GIMCO U.S.A. excels. By setting up office, vehicle, and project maintenance plans in advance of opening a project, GIMCO U.S.A. enables the project’s completion without slowdowns or waits for small shipments that might prevent an otherwise smooth running project. PREPLANNING and forethought makes the difference in meeting deadlines, working efficiently in an emergency, and keeping costs to a minimum.

EMERGENCIES can take on new meaning in underdeveloped countries. GIMCO U.S.A.’s professional staff understand and appreciate the complexities of project emergencies in the third world. GIMCO U.S.A.’s employees are knowledgeable and flexible using their experience combined with GIMCO U.S.A.’s financial strength to resolve emergencies as they arise. The customer’s emergency becomes GIMCO U.S.A.’s emergency.

The experienced and responsible staff at GIMCO U.S.A. track every shipment to ensure timely, accurate, and cost effective delivery to even the most remote project locations and under extreme conditions. GIMCO U.S.A.’s infrastructure speeds project set up time. We follow through by setting in place a consistent and dependable maintenance plan allowing project specialists to concentrate on their job. At all stages of a project, GIMCO U.S.A. creates a seamless procurement and maintenance system. WE DO OUR JOB so YOU CAN DO YOURS!

General Trade Terms:
Pre-shipment Inspection
When importing goods into countries where pre-shipment inspection may be required, the buyer is requested to inform if its organization is exempt from this regulation or to provide copy of relevant import license.
Import/Export License
Certain products may be subject to import/export license requirements. When such requirements are in force, it is the responsibility of the buyer to secure such licenses or provide GIMCO U.S.A. with the necessary application documents to obtain such license. Any delay in manufacture/delivery of goods caused by such documents/licenses will be considered as Force Majeure.
Subjects/Force Majeure
Any Quotation/Proforma/Offer from GIMCO U.S.A. is subject to final confirmation, discontinued products, prior sale, short shipment, strike, exchange rate fluctuations, any adjustment fees from freight provided such as war-risk, bunker surcharges etc.
Any Quotation/Proforma/Offer from GIMCO U.S.A. is subject to Incoterms 2000. The relevant incoterm will be stated in the individual Quotation/Proforma/Offer. Buyers are requested to familiarize themselves with the Incoterms and, specifically, the split of cost and risks between buyer and seller.
Validity is stated on the individual Quotation/Proforma/Offer. If validity not stated on the individual Quotation/Proforma/Offer, then a general validity of 30 days from date of Quotation/Proforma/Offer is applicable, subject to GIMCO U.S.A. general terms.

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